Musing Nude #1

Elijah is a lot like me. All he wants is to find someone who will do all the things he enjoys with him.

I know it’s important to have alone time. Everyone always says it to a point that makes me self conscious.

But there are things I can do alone, such as paint, read, play piano, watch a movie, or write.

So one would think that if I were alone all the time, I would have come to my accomplishments, but that’s not true.

Because I spend so much time really enjoying these experiences in between what I call “work” which I say with a smile because it’s pretty ironic to think we must label every part of our lives with categories – work, play, rest, love, making love, making sustenance- it’s all just living. All my work, my family, my son, my art, these things “things” are simply living, as I sleep and I conjure.

But in completely spilling forth my soul, I am not fearful and admittedly also love to have witness and companion to truth.