Musing Nude #5

The best moment out of my gypsy roaming day is that small space of time I get to reflect. I consciously try to stay in the present, but in all honesty, it takes the same kind of discipline that keeps me from taking one more delicious bite of something sinful, or steal one more unwarranted kiss from some kind of bliss. So I allow myself those in between moments in my day to rewind and relive in reverie my favorite parts.
Today as I was driving in the car with Elijah and he was having the best conversations with me, I think I wish my superpower was to freeze time and just hold that moment just for the sake of realizing how magical life is.
“I’m so in love with you Elijah.”
“I’m so in love with you too Mama. Can you buy me a game Mama.”
But he is not trying to play slick, and those two statements are completely separate from each other.
That is the wide eyed innocence I hope can stay with him in adulthood because how can you not help but be honest.
The other moment was driving to this very destination outside of a parking lot with two siblings, a couple cars down, fighting and screaming and crying and then making things right before “mom” comes back.
I felt the vibrations of the earth shake the inner body that feels the tickle of tiny hairs brushing against the invisible dermis. That is a moment of feeling what alive is, the presence. It feels good to take moments and relive the magical parts of the day before journeying on to the next present.