Big Love

Big Love

Beers and bull dogs

With Boo in the boondocks

Speaking birds and the bees

Between banter of beliefs,

And our babies

They bloom,

Because the love that we bring,

Bellies full from big bowls

Of Stews brewed

With big dreams.

Big talks of big things,

Big hearts and big feats,

Together we bring up

Beautiful blessings

Because Baby,

We both believe,

Beyond words,

In Big Love.


Wild as weeds

Traversing the ground,

Sprouting up vibrant

A hue some like,

Though you pluck a wildflower,

Wishing it to be vased,

Only to find her wither by night,

But let her be and see,

She’ll grow so high,

She’ll shine so bright

She’ll shine like stars.

Why Does Time Fly

Time goes as we move in the flow,

And even with eyes open wide,

My mouth drops low,

When I see how he grows,

Body, mind, heart, and soul,

Like a rollercoaster ride,

Climbing up slow,

And sliding down as if we are flying

With my stomach a flutter

And my head high,

As he asks why?

Why do the stars shine,

And gray clouds cry?

Why are my eyes bright,

Why does the sun light up the sky,

And why do I love you

And it makes me smile why?



They’ve been coming to me,

Each one from my past,

Testing me stripped of magic,

Showing me what I wouldn’t see,

Face to face with choices I’ve made,

As I walk through the Minotaurs lair,

Trying to find my way back to love.


The magic is in love,

For them, for him, for us,

But ultimately,

For myself.



Finding peace

As I hang in balance

Between my human needs,

And my soul needs.

If I could,

I’d stay in your arms forever,

And melt into eternity,

But my body,

It asks to move and breathe again and again,

Until my soul is ready to journey back.

Awakened Darlings

Awakened Darlings

The two lovers

Conjoined harmoniously

Daring to step further across

The acrobats wire

Chiming songs

As if it’s strings of the lyre

Making melodies

With talk and laughter,

Reaching higher and higher

Then what mans abilities

Can conspire

To make with even his Imagination

On fire.

Their Soul on fire!

The earth shakes each time they touch

Not just with flesh,

But with the vibrations

Or soul love,






Attuned to the rhythms

of the two heart beats

of the awakened Darlings

High above the confines

Of the eyes of those hard wired

In normalcy

They cannot see the magic of the Darling Lovers.

A Mother’s Cry

#yogiexpressions last day favorite pose

#anahatasana today I literally cried while teaching a class and I had poetry in my head.


A Mother’s Cry

Have you seen a woman cry?

Have you seen a mother cry?


A pillar of strength,

Feels hurt deep enough,

That when she sheds tears,

The earth cries.

Have you seen a woman cry?

Have you seen your mother cry?


The essence of love,

Unleashes all the pain,

She’s been holding

For all kind.

Have you seen a woman cry?

Have you seen your mother cry?


The gentle warmth you crave,

Endures everything

For you and you and you,

Until earth’s water spills over.