Shadow She Wolf 

Karma brought me face to face and soul to soul with my shadow.  

Her vile and brooding,

Manipulative and moody.

Both of us She Wolves 

And though I cringe each time I hear her shrill yap and and feel her incoherent vehement spew,

I thank the universe for showing me what I could have been,

Because we two are she wolves alike in purpose,

Though if I were to have fed my fears rather than nourish my love,

I could see how I might howl with rage like a beast at the height of night. 

My shadow and light are of the same essence,

So I must remember to always see it clearly,

And feel the beast, but feed the divine

Giving gratitude to that divine power that shows me these lessons 

And shed into that which floats to light. 

The Rebound, a Light at the End 

The day after the election was hard and I felt heartbroken. 

I listened to NPR all day hoping to find some sort of justification. 

As I processed I moved through feelings of anger, grief, sadness, but at moments acceptance. 

This morning I woke up and spent sometime meditating after dropping Elijah off at school.  

Then I realized something and couldn’t help but laugh. 

I didn’t believe that Clinton being elected was a solution to anything except that it just meant a vulgar racist narcissist like Trump wouldn’t be possible. 

Even more clear was the realization that she was like “settling” with a relationship because I was comfortable. 

So then in my silence, I understood the emotions I felt yesterday and realized Trump is Americas rebound. 
In my own past, I’ve rebounded low (though not quite so low as Trump) after ending what I thought was beautiful in order to be ready for the transformation that comes later. 

The rebound tends to dangle pretty, yet empty promises, and it is often mediocre compared to what you had just experienced, however that is the appeal. 

Sometimes the rebound is gross and vulgar because you are afraid to put faith in someone you want to love just to be disappointed again and again. 

In this realization, I laughed and the heaviness lifted. 

So Trump is the rebound which leaves me to believe that this can move us in a direction for even greater progress and make us ready for someone as progressive as Sanders. 

It is just a part of of the shift. 

Meteor Shower After Thought

We were going through a shit load of bullets like Superman,
Like invincible Superheroes,
But all too real.

God bless!
Miracles occur
Eyes closed,
Wide open,
Back turned,
Mouth gaped,
In the moment,
Or with clarity
And conscious awareness.