ET Phone Home 


Most people carry their homes in their pockets. 

One day I’m going to buy a homeless man a square little home too. 

I will ask him if it makes him feel warm and comfortable,

And walk away a little sorry. 


He will stop begging on the streets

But beg to leave home instead. 

Or maybe 

He will sell it for some food and a little smoke. 

And the wise will leave their home,

Broken and shattered. 

In the end,

We will find it in the company of others. 

Be Present

Clarity. Be mindful, Be present.

I say this, I hear this, but do I always live this?

Today during my morning meditation, I experienced a different sort of clarity. I am made of air. If i’m not careful I will probably float right up to the clouds and that will be it for me, So i exercise my body, my mind, and my spirit as a way to touch down onto the earth and let my feet sink deep down until I feel the cold dirt molding my feet.

After my morning meditation, i felt, for the first time, quiet. I sat at home and no impulse stirred me to pick up a paintbrush, turn on music, write down words, clean, decorate, or any nature of creation. I drove to work and saw in front of me the cars with no reaction, looked to the sky to see the sun was not shining, and it made me wonder if the spark had left. It actually concerned me, but not enough to feel inquisitive. I might have been a little disheartened, but I did not even have the energy to dig down years for an explanation, though i felt those memories wanting to surface on low energy.

So within the 3 more minutes before I must rush to my next job, I write in my true voice. A muse did not visit me today to splash a kaleidoscope of images turning and spinning around my inner eye. I sit on the tan carpeted floor of my living room typing on top of a plank of wood and two crates. I stare at a flat gray wall and cork board with a group of $5 off coupons to Fresh & Easy. The house is quiet with no music. My mind is silent and I can understand how someone might enjoy this alleviation. I inhale deeply the scent of a house lived in and exhale in a momentous sigh.

I feel clarity. I am mindful. I am present.