Mirror Mirror…

I’ve fallen into habit,
The cycle rounding
Into grounding,
The banter slowing in a cadence
As the dancers walk into a trance.
The day before,
An impression surfaced,
Scanned the figments of childhood,
And watched like an outsider
Standing outside a chained link fence.
Remembered I once believed,
“Come closer”,
I once believed I was normal,
“Whatever that means”,
As I stand there
Hair spilling down the front of my face,
Not speaking aloud
To any ripened human
In the same cotton fittings I find myself garbed in today.
Spending time alone,
With eyes fixed on a cup
Attempting to lift it
Or talking to all nine
Of our American neighbor’s Tabby Cats
And flapping arms while jumping
To see if I could fly,
Sleeping beneath the covers
Because of all the whispering
In the stillness before dawn.
And deciding to give up
With pen and paper nights,
Frequent Deja Vu occurring
With the dermis fibers rising.
But I feel a calming coming
And revelation permeates.
All the heroines admired
Since fourth grade recesses,
tucked away in the school library
In a nook on the floor curled,
Have taught and guided me
To see the clearest mirror
With great satisfaction
Of the strength and compassion
Reflecting back at me.