Remember the Speck

The telescope looks out far into the universe to look towards the humongous systematics floating around the heavens in order to find other bodies in the grand scheme of the one body.
The microscope,
The microscope looks deep into the body in order to magnify the smallest
What goes beyond a quark and how far can we travel into our own universe which is one universe?
Can we magnify limitlessly?
Or do we just know that it is.
What is what is is what is and that’s truth.
I once wrote a one page philosophy paper on what is truth.

Feel that?

A universe in a speck on a clover in my hands on a speck in the universe inside of me shooting outside into other universes.

Feel that?

Dr Suess has been whispering to me.
Or could it be the four year old boy, age old soul lying beside me mumbling truths that I will nurture with all my love so he can always believe the things we sometimes forget with age.