Mama, She’s Smilin’

I picture Mother Earth
Smiling at peace,
With all her strong and robust human babies at ease,
As her fur and feather babies
could finally set back into their long forgotten homes,
Playing and feasting
on her sustenance as they please,
Her lungs clear of wheezin’,
The breeze clear of poison,
Her eyes closed this season,
Repairing, repairing,
As the human babies sit humbly wait in’.
Hear her voice?
“Go to sleep dear children,
You’ve been driving, and working,
Tromping and rampaging,
Going and going,
But be still a moment,
And let me get to my sleep in’,
Catch my breath, but believe me,
Cuz I’ve been giving you all that I have,
And my bones so tired,
And my heart so heavy,
And my mind so foggy,
I just need a minute,
Before you can come back to play.”

Flying Dreams

I always knew I could fly,

Dreaming it since I was wee high,

But even in dreams

I felt a little slight

When I took flight

Feeling so light

I didn’t fear the fall,

But reaching heights so high,

I’d never come down,

But rather float off beyond stars.

I Had to wake up and grow roots,

Make roots in firm ground,

Stopped dreaming of moons,

And live free though earth bound

Making live sounds,

Walking tall mounds,

Rebound and rebound,

Until I found home

And came home.

In control of my power

I Bloom like a flower,

And roam Like fluff seeds

In need of a breeze

Out of dreams and into reality,

Soaring like bees

Awake and aware

In my power

Soaring higher

Then I ever could dream.


I feel like I’m finally home and the people who hear me, see me, say hello and how’z it, I love you, good night, good morning, I miss you, and

People I hear, I see, I say hello, how are you?, I love you, I miss you, good morning, good night, you’re beautiful, you inspire me, help me and I’m sorry,

This is home

I’ve created

With everyone in it.

ET Phone Home 


Most people carry their homes in their pockets. 

One day I’m going to buy a homeless man a square little home too. 

I will ask him if it makes him feel warm and comfortable,

And walk away a little sorry. 


He will stop begging on the streets

But beg to leave home instead. 

Or maybe 

He will sell it for some food and a little smoke. 

And the wise will leave their home,

Broken and shattered. 

In the end,

We will find it in the company of others.