Mama, She’s Smilin’

I picture Mother Earth
Smiling at peace,
With all her strong and robust human babies at ease,
As her fur and feather babies
could finally set back into their long forgotten homes,
Playing and feasting
on her sustenance as they please,
Her lungs clear of wheezin’,
The breeze clear of poison,
Her eyes closed this season,
Repairing, repairing,
As the human babies sit humbly wait in’.
Hear her voice?
“Go to sleep dear children,
You’ve been driving, and working,
Tromping and rampaging,
Going and going,
But be still a moment,
And let me get to my sleep in’,
Catch my breath, but believe me,
Cuz I’ve been giving you all that I have,
And my bones so tired,
And my heart so heavy,
And my mind so foggy,
I just need a minute,
Before you can come back to play.”

Bow Down

I bow

I surrender to the call

Bowing deep down to you,

And you and you and you….

I am here

Drawing power from the divine

To serve and heal,

With My heart to earth

Belly of fire rising


Playing your body like an instrument,

Drawing out your pain

I as a conduit,

And spitting it out

Back to the earth,

So that power become pure


And you,

Oh and you and you and you,

Standing in your strength


Ready to serve your own call.


Third Life

Third Life

I had to die a couple times,

To peel away the layers,

And what I found beneath the sweet,

Was a festering wound,

Swollen with pus.

I squeezed that shit until I cried,

And let myself bleed out until I died.

I didn’t know if I’d come back,

But I opened my eyes,

And saw myself.

There are scars still healing,

And the pain, I’m still feeling,

But the pain feels nice,

A little more life

And a little less strife

Between all my other lives.




Look at yourself in the mirror


And tell yourself

“I love you!”

Looking directly into your eyes.”

Said Paul.

“I nearly vomited the first time.”

Said Paul.

Medicine Ball

When he laughs 

I die a hundred times 

And my soul climbs 

to the bells that chime 

In heaven 

Until I sublime

And am sent back to earth better each time,

Healed of all wounds

And made whole again.