Musing Nude #7

After my first sound rest from days of the inability to sleep due to painting rather than insomnia, I feel like that minute after opening my eyes from Savasana and melting into the awareness of Bliss. It’s the first moment I’ve had in days that I could sit and soak it all in to the spine of my soul. Looking out into my garden, I realize why I am so fascinated with gardening. This feeling of keeping house and doing these “chores” are actually one of the beauties of life. I can make my house the way I’ve always envisioned living because it does not cost anything as long as I do it for myself. But even more importantly, to really enjoy the benefit of my works fruit is one of the blessings of living. I enjoy the simple tasks of watering the garden, clearing the grass and weeds around them, pruning and talking and singing and breathing to them.
At this moment, my son, in perfect timing, wakes up and I carry him to the bathroom and see us in the mirror. I, the mothering kind, carries my son because he loves to be held, but if you take a look at him you can already see this strong boy as a man because he already is. A thought that the only person to hold Goliath was his mother and this will be one of the fondest moments in my life warms me to my toes. A beautiful muse touched my head this morning and I am again humbled to be reminded that the prosperity of lying on a couch watching a movie with my son this morning is simply priceless.