Flying Dreams

I always knew I could fly,

Dreaming it since I was wee high,

But even in dreams

I felt a little slight

When I took flight

Feeling so light

I didn’t fear the fall,

But reaching heights so high,

I’d never come down,

But rather float off beyond stars.

I Had to wake up and grow roots,

Make roots in firm ground,

Stopped dreaming of moons,

And live free though earth bound

Making live sounds,

Walking tall mounds,

Rebound and rebound,

Until I found home

And came home.

In control of my power

I Bloom like a flower,

And roam Like fluff seeds

In need of a breeze

Out of dreams and into reality,

Soaring like bees

Awake and aware

In my power

Soaring higher

Then I ever could dream.



They’ve been coming to me,

Each one from my past,

Testing me stripped of magic,

Showing me what I wouldn’t see,

Face to face with choices I’ve made,

As I walk through the Minotaurs lair,

Trying to find my way back to love.


The magic is in love,

For them, for him, for us,

But ultimately,

For myself.

The Visit 

We were face to face like you never left me

Talking the way we do 

Me and you,

Coffee, cigarettes, and night. 

You say, “since things are going to shit anyway why not go somewhere dangerous.”

And in a blink we were lying on the ground in some grimy hostel in Guatemala with gangsters handling business and me and you in the center of a cloud of dense smoke floating. 

But I stared into your eyes and it felt real and I was happy and we were fine, the two of us, like you never left me. 

I knew you were gone and somehow you paused the earth’s rotation to pluck me from my bed beside my man to some other chaos, yet it felt so normal. 

And there was a crack. It was time to go. 

I told you I was waiting on a new opportunity and Could be going to India. You had a plane to catch. 

I couldn’t go with you and saw you walk down a corridor to your flight to somewhere while I made my way to El Salvador, as dreams go….

And I woke up before the plane took off

And I was happy to see you again. 

The earth sighed and I heard a tick,

Time to grind 

Gonna keep pushing forward. 

Gonna keep walking the groove till I meet you in that place with eyes wide open so when you see me next we will be flying through the clouds and we will be like you never left me. 
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Two Stupid Silly Little Girls

As a young girl, I would love the feelings nearing the end of autumn.
Not for the beauty of the bright adorned red, yellow, and orange sidewalks of my suburban walks, nor for the crisp cool air that would color my cheeks rosy and chill my nose, but I loved the melancholy that had me feeling like the croning Sylvia Plath type adorned in black head to toe with crimson lips.
And as the end of fall drew nearer and they started blaring Christmas carols throughout all the commercially driven businesses, you and I, we would svelte out Christmas tunes through the streets while talking about how we were the two most beautifully minded orphans with cardboard parents that ever were.
Stupid silly little girls we were.
You, I’d call the nun for your prudish demeanor, and I would be the slut because to a prude, it wouldn’t really take too much to bear such a glamorous title.
But we were hyperbolic.
Our dreams would be set in a field of lush, green, pungent organic herbs sparkling in the sun in all the hues of green and purple and orange and beauty.
The two of us sitting with nothing but our sometimes morbid, but mostly hopeful dialogues about absolutely nothing would smoke fatties and enjoy the year round sun in our bikinis in this vision we had of early utopian retirement. And my Momma would quip, “And won’t you two find men to marry?”
“Ha, we don’t need men!” You’d pronounce proudly with your head held high.
While I’d mumble how we’d figure out those details when it happens.
Such fools we were with hearts of heroes and wits of dreamers.
But then one day you left me.
The parting is inevitable if we are to grow and become women and raise families and build realities.
Except maybe that was only for me because you left and went off to our paradise in the sun filled island where you are probably laying in front of that hut we built with our hearts. And here comes the end of fall and I could hear the Christmas songs playing everywhere! Even in my own car where they are being sung by my own little dreamer in a voice more angelic than both you and I ever had.
And I know why I felt nostalgic for a time in my youth that must have come from this present. You decided to leave this chill because you believed in dreams of two stupid silly little girls who thought they knew why and how the world spun.
And I’m left here carrying on and growing older and wiser, expect my heart will always stay stupid and silly so that I can see you there one day.
Dedicated to Debbie Shin.


A Nutcase’s Close Call

Finally sitting down in the still of the night where I can listen to the hum

Or buzz and hollow winds,

To soak in the emotional chaos of the day.

Sick for the first time in years,

I went into panic and prayed most of the day,

Making Plea’s with God as to why i’m not ready to go yet,

Rather over dramatically,

Thinking of all the projects,

The art,

The creations,

The life that I’m still in the middle of which is nearing it’s integration.

The throbbing in my head and feeling that death was near,

Though it turns out it seems to be a sinus infection,

The revelations, even if death is not what it was,

Force us to see life in all it’s frailty and glory.

Honesty spills forth as a remedy because who wants to leave with unsaid words?

It will only make more work as spirits visiting those we have yet to be finished with.

Speaking all day to people in the past and future, miles and spaces away.

Teaching everything I know to my son just in case,

Even how to emergency contact the right people on my phone “Just in case”.

And now I chuckle because I am admitting that I can get a little crazy.

Worrisome and stressed.

Not always walking with grin

But humbled and chagrined.

And I am enjoying the silence.

The settling of the night that stirs with a slight sigh

Soothing away all that took place in that vast space in my head

That I can only compare to with the way I feel when gazing up

Towards an unobstructed blue sky.

And my biggest regret today is that I have yet to dip my feet into the ocean

On my Yoga classes on the beach

Because I keep myself so busy with running around trying to save someone

Or maybe it’s something I’m trying to save,

Like the dream of a little girl

Listening to stories of oysters being thrown back into the sea

To be saved so they can create beautiful pearls

That shimmer and sparkle to the eye.

But it was a most remarkable day,

I spoke with a friend who decided to transcend to the unfamiliar beyond

And it felt like the “sweet sorrow” of onions that has you crying with smiles.

The light of the world is bright and I am alive.

God bless everyone!