Forgotten Valentines

Before the day ends and the night begins, let me apologize, Love,
For being so inconsiderate.
I did not have much time Love!
I did not have much time to prepare a thing Love!
I did not have much time because I was so busy yesterday
Thinking about how your smile each morning makes me wish I could melt into bed.
And the day before I was thinking about the way your eyes have this amazing glint when in deep thought about many of your phantasmagorical escapades.
I did not have much time to glance at my calendar to see what day it was Love
Because I have been so busy thinking about your charming idiosyncrasies
Such as the charming way you sit and stare with only one sock,
And hum songs of the beautiful and the profane.
So forgive me for forgetting to do anything on Valentines day, Love,
For I get lost in Love sometimes.

Dedicated to Jose Jurado