Finding peace

As I hang in balance

Between my human needs,

And my soul needs.

If I could,

I’d stay in your arms forever,

And melt into eternity,

But my body,

It asks to move and breathe again and again,

Until my soul is ready to journey back.

I Rebel

You might say I broke some rules along the way,

But whose rules were they,

Yours or mine?

Were they man made, woman made, society made, or human made?

Did I fail to follow tradition,

Abandon custom,

And bow down to duty,

For the sake of what?

Your happiness?

Or was I following my heart all along?

I broke some rules along the way,

But failed to bend to break my own,

And I’ve come to the place I know I belong,

Because I would never break my own.

Awakened Darlings

Awakened Darlings

The two lovers

Conjoined harmoniously

Daring to step further across

The acrobats wire

Chiming songs

As if it’s strings of the lyre

Making melodies

With talk and laughter,

Reaching higher and higher

Then what mans abilities

Can conspire

To make with even his Imagination

On fire.

Their Soul on fire!

The earth shakes each time they touch

Not just with flesh,

But with the vibrations

Or soul love,






Attuned to the rhythms

of the two heart beats

of the awakened Darlings

High above the confines

Of the eyes of those hard wired

In normalcy

They cannot see the magic of the Darling Lovers.

A Mother’s Cry

#yogiexpressions last day favorite pose

#anahatasana today I literally cried while teaching a class and I had poetry in my head.


A Mother’s Cry

Have you seen a woman cry?

Have you seen a mother cry?


A pillar of strength,

Feels hurt deep enough,

That when she sheds tears,

The earth cries.

Have you seen a woman cry?

Have you seen your mother cry?


The essence of love,

Unleashes all the pain,

She’s been holding

For all kind.

Have you seen a woman cry?

Have you seen your mother cry?


The gentle warmth you crave,

Endures everything

For you and you and you,

Until earth’s water spills over.

I Dare You

To love profusely,

It is power

pure and magical

Dare to love wholeheartedly.

Unbind from the fear

Strung by layers of hurt

And submit to the experience of

Even pain and loss,

Beauty is fleeting

But that’s what makes it so clear and bright!

Beauty is fleeting

So we hold it while it’s there

Real light

And remember it when it’s gone.

We are the stars

That shine in the night

Shining bright

illuminating skies.

Shining still

Long after we die.


Dahhee Full if Laughter

Dahhee, Full of Laughter

Girl who laughs from the deepest parts of herself.

It’s the jiggles and the wiggles that keep her feeling soooooo fine

Like the warmth of being pressed flesh to flesh in a big ball of love,

Laughing and talking love and plants and cacao,

And moving grooving swaying and humming,


Giggles bubbling up through her throat and just being free to spin around until she falls down laughing.

Dahhee girl who found her way home. •••




Beautiful, strong, intelligent, goddesses.

Rise from the earth

The time is now to shift

The pain trapped on earth

And pick up the hurt and the sick.

Hold them

And mother them with love.

Soothe the children,

Wrap the scarred men in your arms,

Hand in hand with all your sisters,

With the power of your mother and grandmother since Gaia, Isis, and lilith bubbling inside you ready to pour out to cool the fire of the sun and alleviate those burning with fear.

The fire you feel is ablaze

With love,

A passion so intense it sparks new life

With Boom!

Rise from the mud and bloom!

It Is time to embrace our feminine power

Diffuse the turbulent chaos daring to explode

Breathe softness into chaos

Until the swell subsides

And we can heal the world with the power of our creative waters

With love

Unconditional love,

With compassion

Absent of judgement,

With truth

And honesty,

Pouring into the earth from where we came,

And ready to fly upwards home

To where we belong

With quiet knowledge encoded in our DNA

From the first woman

That we are here to create shift and balance

So that we can all thrive

In this beautiful paradise

Until we all merge into our whole self

Yin and Yang.