I’ve been watching things grow,

My babies are growing,

My plants are growing,

My life dharma is growing,

I feel it too,

My purpose is growing,

Sometimes my fears are growing too,

Because I have grown treasures,

And a repeated first time,

I don’t want to lose them.

My hair is growing,

My patience is growing,

Sometimes people see my patience and think it’s easy,

But my child, she’s screaming at me,

Wondering if I know what I’m doing,

And I tell her,

I’ll be ok.

I have scrapes and bruises all over me,

But I can squeeze limes,

Because that’s what my loves will like,

And my heart smiles.

My love is growing,

I can hush a child,

Until she hears her own breathing.

My trust is growing,

I can see ashes raining down,

And see the sunlight and red skies,

And see its beauty,

Even though it’s heavy,

And it’s dark.

I can hear my brothers and sisters crying,

And sit still,

With a vodka and lime,

And feel it will be peace again,

Because I know,

This too shall pass…

The scabs owill dry,

No matter how early I pick em..

But my purpose won’t,

His purpose won’t,

Her purpose won’t,

This is the design we could never have created with our own demise…

And so I know we shall rise,

And rise

And rise,

And r i s e ,

And r. I. S. 3.

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