The Ode to Lovers


I’d rather have a lover

Lyin on the hard floor

In an humble abode,

With not many things


Laughter til my heart aches

Playing fingers in our hair,

Smelling each other’s skin

Like warm drinks,

Heat rising


Talking dreams until the sun peaks,


A big house in high places

With big cars and big things,

With big talks and flashy rings,

If the flesh we touch

Is not the good stink,

And the heart beats




I’m just a watery bitch 

Pouring water out of every hole that I have 

Creating life and love and art and pain and joy

And beauty. 

It’s all still fucking beautiful. 

Candy Girl

Candy Girl

I’m a girl with a sweet tooth

Walked up to a candy booth

With a dollar in my pocket

And some love in my locket.

Asked me what I like,

And I said, “I love it all!

Im just a candy girl.

Wanna spread some sweet love.”

How can I stretch this dollar

Like two fish and warm baked flour,

Stretch it with some magic dust,

Sprinkle it with all my love,

hold the lust,

Fill my bucket with sweet treats

See y’all smile 6 feet wide,

Grins cheek to cheek

Cuz all I wanna do is

Spread the love

Be in love,

Give to you

With all my love,


We’re all in love.

We’re all in love.

We’re all in love.

Connect the Dots

The beauty is

We are all free

If we want to be.

We exist

We are here

Conceived from union

From soul to soul.

Connect the dots,

Connect it til

We all are one.