There are places I go

I still remember you,

I remember you laughing,

I remember me laughing,

The breeze,

The feelings,

Sometimes strange,

But I always wanted it to last forever.

That was real love.

Will You Love Me?

Will you love me,

Feel me, sit beside me

When the day is still,

The music soulful,

And the mood

Is D’angelo?

Will you look at me

As I bite my lip

Bumping my feet into yours,

Like the birds and bees do?

Will you make me tunes

To flow and move to,

To breathe and groove to,

With my mind in limbo,

Make things go “poof” to?

Will you dance with me

Just the two of us

In the middle of the day

To some funk soul bumpin’

The house pulsin’,

our sweat drippin’

Down hittin’ ground

And laughter?

Will you laugh with me?


I feel like I’m finally home and the people who hear me, see me, say hello and how’z it, I love you, good night, good morning, I miss you, and

People I hear, I see, I say hello, how are you?, I love you, I miss you, good morning, good night, you’re beautiful, you inspire me, help me and I’m sorry,

This is home

I’ve created

With everyone in it.


Half earth half sky,

I ground one foot in the mud,

Digging my toes deep in the ground,

Stretching the other foot high above,

Piercing into the other side.

I here you see you here and now,

And feel the vibrations of the angels,

Tickling me through and through.

And if the two worlds emerge I can become one,

With ease and light,

Or the worlds will clash,

Pulling me apart

Dismembered until I explode into infinite particles,

And become the air you breathe

Until I’m inside you,

And we are one.

Third Life

Third Life

I had to die a couple times,

To peel away the layers,

And what I found beneath the sweet,

Was a festering wound,

Swollen with pus.

I squeezed that shit until I cried,

And let myself bleed out until I died.

I didn’t know if I’d come back,

But I opened my eyes,

And saw myself.

There are scars still healing,

And the pain, I’m still feeling,

But the pain feels nice,

A little more life

And a little less strife

Between all my other lives.




I just want to say

In this moment,


About anything,

And love everything,

And that to me is bliss.


Lions Gate

For a brief moment, I stopped believing in everything.

I wanted a break from believing in anything.

I wanted to fall apart just a little bit.

It felt good.

And I made it back

Boy from Infinite

Boy from Infinite

You came from the infinite,

Dropped down from the same whirlwind the prophet with the same name left in giving you a

Heart of Eros,

Guts of Apollo,

Rage of Aries,

Mind of Zeus,

Passion of Poseidon,

Strength of Hercules.

You came into this world

Crawling with light in your eyes

And a sweet cherub voice,

I held you in my arms and stared at us in the mirror thinking, “even Goliath was held by his mother”

And you changed me in every way imaginable.

I loved harder, hurt deeper, cried rivers and laughed til the earth shook.

Infinite boy, you woke me up and saved me.

You loved me more than any human had before,

And I crumbled.

I see in you the parts of me I love,

And sometimes the parts of me I thought I couldn’t.

You are my world,

Boy from Infinite,

You brought me light

Like Prometheus,

And helped me lift the world like Atlas,

And I am eternally grateful.

Happy 10th birthday Elijah.




I thought I could fly,

So I jumped,

Head first and arms spread like

Wings spanned with feathers,

And my face spread wide

Like smiles for miles and miles,

Because I didn’t believe I couldn’t.

It was marvelous.


My Dear

My Dear,

The light you see in me,

Is a reflection of your light,

The beauty you seen in me,

Is a reflection of your beauty,

The strength you see in me,

Is from the strength you give,

And the love you feel from me,

Comes from the love you have in you.

Without you,

I am nothing but an image,

It’s you who makes me bright.