Boy from Infinite

You came from the infinite,

Dropped down from the same whirlwind the prophet with the same name left in giving you a

Heart of Eros,

Guts of Apollo,

Rage of Aries,

Mind of Zeus,

Passion of Poseidon,

Strength of Hercules.

You came into this world

Crawling with light in your eyes

And a sweet cherub voice,

I held you in my arms and stared at us in the mirror thinking, “even Goliath was held by his mother”

And you changed me in every way imaginable.

I loved harder, hurt deeper, cried rivers and laughed til the earth shook.

Infinite boy, you woke me up and saved me.

You loved me more than any human had before,

And I crumbled.

I see in you the parts of me I love,

And sometimes the parts of me I thought I couldn’t.

You are my world,

Boy from Infinite,

You brought me light

Like Prometheus,

And helped me lift the world like Atlas,

And I am eternally grateful.

Happy 10th birthday Elijah.


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