Feeling the ground,

Slow and low,

Been blowing like

Dandelion seeds,

Floating like poppy dreams,

Looking for a place to plant

And grow and grow and grow

Upwards so high,

The land spins before your eyes.


Time Travel

I time traveled.

Visited all those places I dreamt of,

Indulged in the things I’ve longed for,

And returned to the exact moment I am supposed to be.

Plant Girl in the City

Plant Girl

Plant Girl in the city loved to take walks,

She loved to look into open windows and write stories about the people she sees.

She loved to walk into coffee shops and wait for a warm pour over while observing the plants.

She loves to bring home new plants and watch them grow new leaves,

Water them,

Clean then,

And play music for them.

The city enchanted her.

But she left and came back to her sea.

She loved the salt in her hair and the evening breezes.

It helped her thoughts to slow down.

Plant Girl is happy as long as she is free.

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From the mud

We all rise to blossom,

Opening petal by petal

Reaching for light.

Raising our arms,

Reaching for stars,

Radiating love,

Reaching for sun rays,


Reaching for one.


In that sweet space between the inhalation and exhalation,

If I can hold that moment


Pause it with eyes wide open

And sit in it without decision

Nor action,

There in lies the balance between

Truth and distraction.

There in lies the answers to my universe.



In my heart,

I picture being able to stand

Completely naked

In front of the world

And that would not illicit

An invitation to anyone

To abuse me.

It would be my God given right

To feel at peace

Completely safe

Being bare

In open expression.

That’s my heart.

But my mind,

A little more street wise,


I could wear a sign that says

“Don’t touch me,

(In stark big bold black letters)

It is my power to give and refuse.”

I can scream it through a mega phone

And still there will be someone

Justifying why he feels it’s his





I cannot be free to show


Or sexuality

Without asking for IT!

Well my mind and my heart agree

And they say,

“Fuck you!”

To you who try to steal power.



I flipped and my nips slipped

In front of the old man with a surfboard and shaggy white hair.

He noticed that I noticed that he noticed.

We smiled,

And went on with our day.



Try to squeeze me in a box

And make me square,

But beware

When you try to pet me,

I might bite.

But set me free,

You’ll feel it too,

All that light and love,

Uncontainable anyway,

Will flow through you.