Enhancing each experience with so much presence at times,

Even a common sneeze feels serendipitous,

As if that sneeze was meant as reason to sigh and laugh and see the beauty in the mundane.

As if your flying high in the sky being swept off your feet,

And each moment a synchronized sign that timing is for once on your side.

Yet at times, it’s a manipulation and twist, slowly breathing and easing back into a familiar place where sometimes you can write your name in the dust that settles on the bookshelves,

And shit with the door open.





I give my heart,

All of it,

To you,

But know if you take it all,

And give nothing in return,

I will become depleted,

And turn to dust.



If you believe in this moment,

Then understand,

I’ve known you an eternity.

No one came before,

no one comes after,

Except you and me

Tangled limbs,

Embraced in what is

The present.



In a dream I hung off a cliff,

Fingers gripping as I dangled.

A boy came and grabbed my hands,

Yelled, “FALL!”

And I did.

Sprawled limp on a boulder,


I saw myself and saw light.

There are no words for what I knew

In that moment between death and life.

I woke.

Fear died

And set me free. I

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Woman Warrior

They see she is soft, kind, loving, and gentle,

And they take her as easy, yet weak,

But do they know what strength it takes to walk away with grace?

Do they know with what fierceness she drives nails into her fists and teeth into her tongue, so she will not scream?

Do they know with what endurance she smiles at them who smack their lips and eye her body up and down,

So she can walk away without any more harm?

Do they know with what drive she appeases and gives in to those who take so she can build her home with love and honor?

Woman warrior, she is neither weak nor easy,

But has the strength of a love so strong, she stays silent and compassionate, though it would be easier to fight and claw through them!

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Yoga and Poetry

Yoga and poetry,

Loquacious floetry,

Daily motion making free,

Both body and mind in connected




: @dahhee