Still a Grasshopper

Still a Grasshopper


I put the pieces of my life in place,

And it should all fit,

It should be perfect,

Except for the fact that all the pieces had their own power,

And strength,

And words.

And I could scramble to keep them in their place,

But I would be the one without grace.

So I let it be,

And watch them disperse all around me,

Except rather than chaos,

The flow gave us

Something more beautiful

Than anything I could fulfill,

Without miracles.



After the storm,

All the dead trees uprooted and washed away,

And those trees and plants with

Roots deep, deep, deep,

Like the sea,

But with legs,

Like yours

Buried in the sand feeling the world flow through you,

So fast

Like vertigo

Spinning while standing


Still like the moment when you step out of the shower,

And wrap yourself in a fresh, warm, cotton towel

Then sigh.

And you can reset

Then re-root.

The same as you before and after,

But a slow motion version of yourself,

So slow

You can see a fly sigh.

Re rooted

So you can fly High.


📸: @rotary_engine_wave

Instagram: @dahhee

Karma Balanced

I Woke

Out of darkness

Into light.

Nothing changed and

Everything felt the same,

Yet felt so different


As if I finally wiped that spec of dust

From my eye

And I could comfortably see

What I was always looking at.


Hurt Child

Hurt Child

The Past came and made a visit,

And I saw a hurt child,

She was pure and innocent,

And didn’t know

That monsters sometimes wear human masks.

They came and visit me today,

And I pulled my hair back,

Brushed the monsters aside,

And looked the girl in her eyes.

I told her I love her,

And wrapped her in my arms,

And hummed the vibration of love.

She smiled,

And we blew the monsters away,

For they were just dust all this time.


Becoming Everything

She smiled warmly

Talked sweetly,

Walked gracefully,

Gave wholeheartedly

So no one knew

How each step hurt

Every inch of her.

Until her body shattered

Into a millions shards

And her breath dispersed

Becoming everything

And no one knew,

But everyone felt

Closer to GOD,

When she was set free.

Dedicated to my student Melisa Luna. She cane to my senior yoga class a year ago and told me she had lung cancer. She came each week until she couldn’t. I just learned this morning she passed. #rip to such a beautiful human.

Fuck It

I stood in the shower,

Hot water slapping sharp stings across my flesh,

And I heard a voice from within loud and clear say, “Fuck it!”

I stepped out

Of the tub,

Of my skin,

Of myself…

And I felt like I gave birth to my spirit,

Free to be me.

And each time my flesh tries to trap me in,

I say, “fuck it!”

And pursue myself,

Because only I can trap my spirit,

And only I can free it.


Instagram @dahhee

Pretty Plastic

Pretty Plastic

When you see pretty all around you,

Sometimes you get tired of the pretty.

Pretty backdrops,

Pretty poses,

Pretty faces,

Pretty people….

When you see pretty all around you,

Sometimes it feels dull,

Pretty bodies,

Pretty words,

Pretty emotions,

Pretty stories…

When you see pretty all around you,

Sometimes life begins to look feel plastic.

Pretty life,

Pretty pictures,

Pretty edits,

Pretty lies.

Yet life wouldn’t function without plastic

So we are bound.



I gave away my apologies and a piece of my heart,

Let it pour out of my body and eyes

Back to the earth.

I gave away my apologies,

Because I tried,

But couldn’t heal everyone.

I gave them away

Because I still cant heal everyone,

I gave them away,

And left a piece of my heart.

I needed a piece of me buried in the earth,

So it can stay pure,

So I can keep a piece of myself safe forever

And continue to hold up my world,

Sweat and tears

Pouring love out,

Back to the earth,

Healing myself,

As I continue to hold up my world.

The love that chose me,

My world that chose me.

I went to sweat lodge today, and healed from my deep seated apologetic, hurt self.

I walked away feeling safe to continue my path because “we are not alone” and on my journey I came to my guide. I could ask him anything, but I have no more questions. I just wanted him to walk with me.

So much gratitude for this life and those in my world.

To Her Son

Storyteller since day one,

And I see it in you too,

Reciting your poetry,

Whispering thoughts,

Mumbling stanzas,

And some catch on,

You’re just telling your story,

Painting it with dreams,

And filling it with colors,

Cuz Mr. Wilson, my science teacher

Told me they don’t exist,

Except in “what dreams may come”

Burning Sage

Burning Sage

“Do you feel like you’ve changed since you’ve been here?” He says.

“For sure, I feel free to be me.” I reply.

He smiles.

I smile.

The smoke clears.

We are here.