I gave away my apologies and a piece of my heart,

Let it pour out of my body and eyes

Back to the earth.

I gave away my apologies,

Because I tried,

But couldn’t heal everyone.

I gave them away

Because I still cant heal everyone,

I gave them away,

And left a piece of my heart.

I needed a piece of me buried in the earth,

So it can stay pure,

So I can keep a piece of myself safe forever

And continue to hold up my world,

Sweat and tears

Pouring love out,

Back to the earth,

Healing myself,

As I continue to hold up my world.

The love that chose me,

My world that chose me.

I went to sweat lodge today, and healed from my deep seated apologetic, hurt self.

I walked away feeling safe to continue my path because “we are not alone” and on my journey I came to my guide. I could ask him anything, but I have no more questions. I just wanted him to walk with me.

So much gratitude for this life and those in my world.

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