Well shit,

Some days poetry is so much lightness in your day,

That all you have is to say “hey!”

The end. #365daysofyogapoetry #wildthing

Walk with Me

Let me hold you by the hand,

As we walk side by side

I’ll keep holding until the sweat drips down my palm.

Trying to keep up with your long strides,

BecAuse it just feels right

To have a partner by your side,

Walking down the street,

Going nowhere and everywhere.

Let me hold your hand as we walk side by side,

Because it gives me mind to walk until the sidewalk ends

To nowhere and everywhere.



I feel like I’m alive in the belly of God,

Floating around hearing murmurs and echos

surrounding me

Warm and wet

Thriving with the potential for life

As big as the universe


And the stench of sweet honey

Calling me home.




Moon High

Ah yass!

I feel you,

Feeling me,

Soaking it in,

Under the cool blue light,

Ready to melt out of my skin,

And into you,



Until you sink back down to the other side.

Feeling you mistress moon,

Tempting me to go higher

Until I could touch your light

With delight.

Going higher than high,

Until your light shines through mine eyes.


She Strength

She Strength

My roar is laughable,

But my warmth is unmatchable.

My bite tickles,

But my caress trickles

Into your heart,

Melting you soft.

My scream shrill,

But my tears

It’s clear

Is felt with sting

And it sears

The eyes

And pierces ears.

My hate may conquer the world,

But my love

Like a bomb

Will explode

And heal the world.




Look at yourself in the mirror


And tell yourself

“I love you!”

Looking directly into your eyes.”

Said Paul.

“I nearly vomited the first time.”

Said Paul.



99.9% I’m happy and content,

But that .1%

Damn sometimes I just want to disappear

And feel like a cry,

For absolutely no reason.

I want to disappear,

And be morbid,

But not alone.

In that .1% it’s enough

To feel everything I should have felt, but let pass,

Because it’s what I’m good at,

But it hits me

Like Big Bang,

And maybe I’m creating a new dimension,

Where my doppelgänger

Is left feeling 99.9 % awful,

And that’s why I’m down.


In moments when being in love

Wakes you from the reverie of daydreams,

When you can smell the scent of his flesh

And he yours,

Like the cold dank earthy clay

Pouring from the body,

And you can hear his breath

And he yours,

Like the sound of life being created in another dimension,

These moments I know I’ll replay

Over and over again,

When the scent is a memory,

And the sound is a dream,

And I’m alone traveling back in time,

To the morning when the answers to the universe

Were Felt.