I sat down at G&B Coffee at Grand Central Market in LA this morning, ordered a drip coffee and granola, took out my journal and pencil and then started by looking at IG.

Saw a picture of Anthony Bourdain as my beautiful bowl of Granola and Coffee came out thinking how beautiful this experience of eating and drinking something yummy. Then I glimpsed a RIP and my heart sank.

It felt ironic.

Then I cried silently as the barista set a napkin and water for me.

I realized in that moment how impactful he was in my life. I spent years fantasizing a life like his. Food, writing, traveling and his wit, intellect, compassion and humor. I was inspired by him since I first saw no reservations before I even had Elijah.

I followed him on his travels and learned and admired him.

But in a sense he was always in the background of my home experiences. My internal monologues are sometimes in his voice.

This cut deep.

Peace and condolences to all his loved ones,

And RIP Anthony Bourdain. You were an amazing Human. 💔


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