Going Back

I wish I could build a time machine and visit all those hideously damaged people who have murdered and killed.

I wish I could visit them as children and give them a hug and tell them they are loved and their superpower is to love.

I don’t know if that would have made a difference but i imagine it could just as much as I imagine I could be a super hero and build time machines one day.


“And I’m afraid of the dark.” Says my four year old.

“Is that ok to be afraid?” I ask.

“Yeah because then I turn on the night light and then I’m not scared anymore.” He says matter of factly.

“It’s that easy?”

“Yes that easy.”

One Love

Elijah comes home from school and tells me two of his friends go to church together, “do you think Halmi (grandma) can take me to church too?”

“I think she’d love to, but your friends go to Catholic Church. Halmi goes to a Christian church.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Hmmm ok maybe not much, that’s a tough question.”

“Well is that kind of racist?”

“No I guess you could call that a little more prejudice than racist, but ah. Ok I’ll take you to whatever church you want to go to.”

Smiles super big.

This boy is always teaching me true justice and equality even beyond what I thought I practiced.

Excerpt “letters in the dark”

Love is sloppy messy beautiful madness.

I wish I could write a fuck You letter to everyone who painted a picture otherwise.

Why take out the angst and pain and have You fear it when that’s the part that makes it real.

And Malice isn’t always a good place.

But it’s a place.

Yet He’s numb because he still believes in fairy tales.