Don’t Take My Heat

At the doctors office

Nurse asks, “hi how old are you?”

Clary just stares.

“Can you step on the scale.”

He steps and she records.

“Great! Can you stand under here so I can measure you?” Pointing to the stadiometer.

Clary walks face forward up to it and I laugh.

“Turn around baby.”

“Ok I’m going to take your temperature.” And touches the electric thermometer up to his forehead.

“No!” He screams upset. “I want my temperature back! I want my temperature back.” Groping at the air, crying, and putting the invisible temperature back to his forehead.

I chuckle realizing someone just took his heat.

1.5 Generation Christmas

I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas.

It was like my brother and I were Hansel and Gretel wandering like orphans wandering into strange yards watching through windows other families cozied up by a fire place with a Christmas tree illuminating the room and families holding tradition.

We stood outside doors waiting to be invited in and watch them open presents and enjoy the good high spirits of whatever tradition they celebrated while our own parents worked all night and day on their busiest night of the year.

Neither completely Korean nor American, we had less tradition to hold on to, but the dream of my parents was for us to belong here.

And so I am,

Making ornaments,

Witnessing my children completely apart of “their” tradition,

And I am standing completely a part of it rather than watching through someone’s window,

Finally belonging.