The Beauty of Receiver 

I’m finishing up my last three classes of the semester for my senior classes through Rio Hondo College. 

Yesterday and elderly Indian woman and her husband waited patiently to speak to me after class after speaking with several of the students who wanted to wish me well before we start again for he fall in two weeks. She came up to me, her eyes glazed with tears and told me, “you have made my dreams come true. Growing up in the Brahmin family as a girl, I always wanted to learn the sun salutations. All the boys and men went outside after morning prayers to practice Surya Namaskara, but I had to go into the kitchen to prepare meals with the women. Thank you so much for bringing me this gift!” And she gave me the most heartfelt hug, both of us in tears as her husband sat contentedly on a chair nodding the whole time with a smile on his face. I drove home crying happy tears at the blessings life brought me. 

Today wrapping up another senior class, both classes we focused on learning Surya Namaskar C so they can practice at home every morning without my assistance for the next two weeks before the next session starts again, another student came to me and asked for help with her shoulders and we did a little shoulder clock. She started tearing up telling me that her heart feels like it’s being pulled, but it was a happy feeling and I told her it can have that effect. She grabbed both my hands looking directly at me and told me, “I bless you every morning I wake up for bringing me this gift! You are an amazing teacher and thank you so much for everything you have taught me.” And she gave me the warmest hug and I told her thank you, again crying. Walking out of class I felt so full and shared the stories with a good friend, who told me that she feels blessed to have me in this world, and I have to say, I am the one blessed to have come across so many beautifully receptive and open people. I am reciprocating what I have learned from my teachers, whether they be yoga teachers, authors, philosophers, my children and my own students. In the past I have been received with sarcasm, skepticism, closed mindedness, and fear. It is worth so much to receive open and complete.