The dark side of the moon 

Came to me as mother 

Calmly tucking me into bed 

Telling me my story,

How I was born,

How I’ve lived,

Where I am now,

And no prophecies of what is to come,

So that I could sleep and rest,

For I am traveling to a new old place,

After shedding skin,

Pushing past the cycle 

To new growth,

Finally giving the child in me

Solace that she had seeked,

Like Alice, strayed her path

For shiny glittery roads that promised untamed heart,

As if she would have embarked on the very same Odyssey to Circe

Amongst the swine and wine until the child forgot. 

But the dark side of the moon,

She pulled the child out of her hiding place,

And silenced all her dreams.

So the monsters disappeared and she can sleep in peace. 

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