Combining #yogawhiteout and #dawnoftheyogi because I can 😘✌️ Musingnude#15 (on patterns)
The patterns created by keys of a piano played out in music is life itself. 

Some melodies and patterns sad, happy, light, heavy, loud, soft, complex, simple, beautiful, ugly…..

This is the physical pattern of our life and creation. The creation story we all search for is everywhere,

In ever sentence,

In every song,

In every idea, 

In every form. 

They all begin bold and bright in Capital. 

And end in a point .(softly), !(boldly), ?(unanswered),,(continuously)….(and on to…)

It is organic and very alive. 

It changes continuously and is formed and made intricate with each thought and action. 

And the whole of which we are a piece of, so everything is always a part of it. 

Watch the patterns of the keys of a piano, the bam da dippidy boom bam of the drumsticks, and

The tight vibrations of strings,

Listen to the emotion, sorrow, happiness, love, anger, frustration of each song.

Feel it on the fine hairs of your skin quivering or soothing.

Smell it in the subtle sweet, musky, dank, nostalgic air.

Taste each morsel of apples, butter, lemon, peach, drink, and lover.

Feel each 

Crunch, slurp, swish, slide

Within these patterns explains life.

This is each person. 

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