Two years ago I married my love.  

And we each brought our own baby,

One girl, one boy. 

Four years ago,

We found a cozy home with a big empty backyard. 

We literally found it in the middle of the night riding bikes and walked through an enchanting green gate and sat and talked about our dreams sitting on the cool green grass moist from the autumn dew. 

Within a couple weeks, it was our home. 

I uprooted grass, tilled the soil, planted seeds and found out I was pregnant as the seeds were sown. 

Right before our wedding, this avocado tree began to sprout directly from our compost as we promised “I do”

It seems impossible to measure time, but this tree right in the heart of our backyard is as tall as our home and in another couple years it will bear fruit. 

We’ve set roots in this place exactly four years ago,

And I realized today, 3 kids, and 3 chickens later that this is 

The longest my gypsy feet has ever stayed put in a place.

And my wild heart has been tamed. 
Love you Jose  😍😘

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