We were face to face like you never left me

Talking the way we do 

Me and you,

Coffee, cigarettes, and night. 

You say, “since things are going to shit anyway why not go somewhere dangerous.”

And in a blink we were lying on the ground in some grimy hostel in Guatemala with gangsters handling business and me and you in the center of a cloud of dense smoke floating. 

But I stared into your eyes and it felt real and I was happy and we were fine, the two of us, like you never left me. 

I knew you were gone and somehow you paused the earth’s rotation to pluck me from my bed beside my man to some other chaos, yet it felt so normal. 

And there was a crack. It was time to go. 

I told you I was waiting on a new opportunity and Could be going to India. You had a plane to catch. 

I couldn’t go with you and saw you walk down a corridor to your flight to somewhere while I made my way to El Salvador, as dreams go….

And I woke up before the plane took off

And I was happy to see you again. 

The earth sighed and I heard a tick,

Time to grind 

Gonna keep pushing forward. 

Gonna keep walking the groove till I meet you in that place with eyes wide open so when you see me next we will be flying through the clouds and we will be like you never left me. 
Thanks for visiting Debbie!


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