The moment Demeter held Persephone,

She felt complete. 

Her chubby cheeks and doe eyes warmed her and she made flowers blossom any where her daughters foot fell. 

But as she grew, Persephone shone as bright as the flowers that followed her 

And men wanted to pluck her to hold her beauty. 

And Persephone admired the boys who spoke to her and stroked her arm and told her jokes and smiled with longing eyes. 

Demeter noticed and she feared losing her daughter so kept her close by telling her frightful tales of the underworld. 

Hades, tall, dark, and charming, came across the two one day and couldn’t stop staring at Persephone. 

He came close and smelled her sweet scent and gave her the warmest smile. 

Persephone blushed and thought about him all day. 

The next day he came closer and spoke with wit and listened with attention. 

Persephone bantered back and time became still as the two engaged in conversation as the tension of longing grew. 

While Demeter turned her attention to the birds nesting, Persephone grabbed Hades hand and walked away with him. 

Demeter chased after them, but they were already gone and Demeter in a rage froze the world and cried and threw fits. 

Zeus came and warned of her mother coming to take her away, so she quickly grabbed a pomegranite and plucked the red jewels, savoring each seed buying her time to spend with her lover. 

Demeter stormed down to the underworld and grabbed Persephone by the wrist,

Yelling and crying, 

Accusing her for being ungrateful for the love she gave her daughter and the pain she returned instead. 

Persephone cried and begged to let her stay in the beautiful underworld where the moon shone bright and water twinkled with light.  

Demeter refused and Persephone held out her hand with 4 more seeds. Before Demeter could grab them, she quickly shoved them into her mouth, smiling because she knew she had won. 

All those years Demeter’s warnings about the horrors of getting stuck in the underworld helped her to buy 4 months to stay with Hades, and her mother defeated, went home and mourned until Demeter could come to visit in the spring where she would bring the flowers back to bloom. 

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