Akashic Records

I crawled through the earth head first to move into the light 

Bright like a crystal with a vision from the blazing fire of my mama holding out a wand telling me to make my magic happen. 

I pocketed some stones and weaved my wand through my top knot,

And brandished a sword intending to conquer the world, or so I thought. 

But I started drying up above the earth until I ate some caps that made my flesh die, yet I was transformed,

Shedding like a chrysalis into an ethereal goddess awakening to her self. 

I left the sword and grabbed three crystals and placed them all around me, one by one they began to bump and beat until the crystals turned into eyes with chubby beautiful legs and arms. 

I sat and two cups appeared, and I knew I found the rest of my self sitting across from me smiling. 

He too, holding a wand because we were both the same magician split in two. 

And he whispered to me the name of my father. 

I was complete and so the universe swallowed me up and I was birthed into a star. 

I created my own 10 card spread to read my #akashicrecords or #bookoflife from the beautiful and intuitive @starchildtarot deck. My story told from Knight of crystals, four of wands, page of swords, transformation, awakening, three of crystals, two of cups, knight of wands, the emperor, the universe. 

True story, my practical earthly mother is married to a Leo my father, I have three crystal children from my soul mate. My number is that of the magician. 


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