Elijah: Mom what is racism?

Me: it’s when people judge others because what they look like or who they are and I think it’s the most ignorant behavior. Why?

Elijah: my friend at school is not my friend anymore because he told another kid who’s black that he looked like poo. I didn’t like that so I don’t want to play with him. Is that racist?

Me: that could be taken as racism

Elijah: at school when we learned about Doctor Martin Luther King, they said he marched and spoke to make everyone the same. He was peaceful and didn’t fight with people. Then someone shot him. He was the best president huh mom 

Me: (chuckling) I think he was one of the best too, but he wasn’t a president. He was a preacher. 

Elijah: some brown people are better at things than some white people right?

Me: yeah there are all kinds of people that are good at things and sometimes not good at others. It doesn’t matter what color our skin is. 

Elijah: I like being brown though. 

Me: what else do you learn at school? Do you know about Christopher Columbus?

Elijah: no who’s he?

Me: no one. Just wondering. They usually tell a wrong version of that one. 

2 thoughts on “Racism Talk with a 7 Year Old 

  1. Whenever there’s a national holiday celebrating anyone, we all make a point of telling my ten yr. old niece what the truth is about such people. Its good to know other parents do this too.

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    1. It’s sad but some schools still teach some backwards things. I have two kids in different schools and different neighborhoods some still tell the same version of thanksgiving and Christopher Colombus that I was taught. I’m glad other parents are doing it too.

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