The souls found hosts that evolved with the air, water, earth, and fire and they fueled it with an energy that made them move quickly,

So they forgot who they were the longer they spent time on earth, because all the material beings wanted to fly higher and higher into the sky. 

Though some felt it made them purr and vibrate when they rubbed her flesh to flesh,

To water,

To soil,

To air,

To cloth made of cotton,

Of velvet,

Of satin, cashmere, and silk. 

It felt good to forget because it made the flesh feel good,

But the soul cried each time they tasted the sweet and bitter spirits and layed down on fluffy white goose down beds

Because they didn’t want to let go,

Though they were meant to fly,

And lost their wings 

And called each other beautiful names that made the pain more satisfying,

Like michaelangelo, valentin and lucifer. 

And began to taste like the elixirs they drank 

Each night until those eyes fell heavy and dreams masked what they no longer remembered 

Because building blocks as high in the sky with feet atop shoulder as the Tower of Babel usually fell. 

And then they forget again. 

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