Current Events 

I decided to listen to the news today!

I didn’t listen to any music. 

I heard a story of oppression in North Korea, and I cried though I don’t know why besides the obvious reasons I guess. 

And then stories of China and the change of the one child law to two, and I cried because there are enough men to fill Canada,

Single and lonely,

And I cried.

Then they spoke of Freddie Gray

And Baltimore schools attempt to help the angry young black kids. 

I was already stuck in traffic anyway. 

I put my car in park in the middle lane of the fwy,

Started to bawl because my heart hurt,

Let cars slowly pass me by angry.

“See? You know how I feel?”

I wrote as cars honked and yelled at me. 

“Yeah right!? You feel me too!”

And I wrote and I wrote because i didn’t know what else to do,

And the pound and swell in my chest subsided,

Switched the gear to drive and went to teach my next piano student,

Wiping the black smudge lining my eyes,

Smiled walking in saying “hi”

And resumed the rest of my day. 

Daughter of Job


I can see the light from the windows above 

A chandelier,

Bed post, 

Thin white curtains,

Between two curtains 

Light silhouettes the living room

Like a wine bottle. 
Further away shine two more bright lights

With the shadow of possibilities 

Floating on a cloud. 
And further still

Long rectangular golden lights 

Like twin stars 

And it goes to infinite. 
And daughter of job,

Meditating because that’s all that’s left.