Her (lunar eclipse)

She undressed for me,



With purpose…

And when I saw a glimpse of skin flash,

It drove me wild. 

Her strip tease held my full attention 

As if she was showing me her creation and death all in one evening. 

And I knew, in that moment,

How I was born,

How I thrived, 

And how i will black out,

Just to be relit again,

Like her slowly dressing in front of me as I sat quietly in a chair drinking a cold beer, 

just so she could peel away her layers until she stood completely naked,

In all her marvelous beauty. 

Make Beautiful

 Make everything beautiful
Make your face beautiful,

Make your body beautiful,

Make your hair beautiful,

Make your home beautiful,

Make your smile beautiful,

Make your garden beautiful,

Make your practice beautiful,

Make your city beautiful,

Make your thoughts beautiful,

Make your heart beautiful,

Make your dance beautiful,

Make your song beautiful,

Make your love beautiful,

Make your laugh beautiful,

Make your earth beautiful,

Make your words beautiful,

Make your canvas beautiful,

Universe made beautiful,

Life is beautiful. 

ET Phone Home 


Most people carry their homes in their pockets. 

One day I’m going to buy a homeless man a square little home too. 

I will ask him if it makes him feel warm and comfortable,

And walk away a little sorry. 


He will stop begging on the streets

But beg to leave home instead. 

Or maybe 

He will sell it for some food and a little smoke. 

And the wise will leave their home,

Broken and shattered. 

In the end,

We will find it in the company of others. 

I am an Ant


I meditated standing on my head today 

Eyes open ,

Staring at a little dust,

A little scattered eraser shavings,

An half bitten animal cracker under the couch,

And one single tiny little ant, smaller than the average black ant,

Quickly making its way across the floor

Across my vision,

In that moment, I stared and pondered the ant. 

I thought about smashing it with my thumb, 

But decided that I didn’t have it in me,

And wondered if there were many instances I ran across Gods vision, but he chose to stay still, not snuffing me out

Because he is meditating. 

The Giving Heart


In my youth I gave my heart to friends,

Always giving what would please,

As my heart grew, I gave bigger pieces to boys,

Always giving what would please. 

Then I became a woman and gave most of it away to many wrong men. 

Always giving what would please.

And then I met the right one and gave him the very best parts of my heart,

Always giving what would please. 

And I became a mother and gave ever single piece, even more than I could spare to my children,

Always giving what would please.

And I felt love, and gratitude, but it would be mixed a bit with pain and fatigue and I became a little empty trying to replenish all that I would give,

Always trying to give what would please. 

One day I sat in silence and realized that

I forgot to give my heart to myself and my heart felt limited,

So I decided to give myself the core piece,

So that it could grow infinite,

Always giving what pleased me,

And I no longer needed to please,

Because the radiating love of the heart has always been enough. 

Screw Walls


I have put up walls, 

tore them down, 

built them back up, 

splattered pictures across them, 

stacked up books, 

Cluttered it to hide the holes I punched through them,

Healed and cleared them away, 

slowly chiseled them down, 

and now I’m done with them. 

I decided to grow roots 

and life grew in its place. 

Half Bound Moon


Yes I am bound by the moon! 

Because I am water, 

Feeling the surge of light flow through me

Pulling me in and out

 pulling me up, 

And at the same time finding myself crash down to earth.

And when I fight it,

My jelly legs wobble,

Until I figured out how to groove with it. 

So that  I could float up towards the heavens. 

Because I am bound 

Half to this earth

And half to the moon!