The Sun Always Sets in the Past

Don’t look back,

Don’t you ever look back!

It’s dangerous they say,

It makes you wonder

Why you floundered 

It makes you fonder 

Of the things that were blunders. 

It means you found her,

And then maybe lost her?

Ah shit! You looked,

And it sparkled. 

The rays of the past shooting right out of your head 

Right before your eyes. 

As if crossing dimensions

To lure you into the memory,

But it’s not real they say,

See how you can only see it in a rear view mirror?

No sun sets in the future,

You can only see them shine behind you. 

Then again,

What’s the harm in repainting yesterday 

Into a thing of warm bright yellow orange lights that melts right over your tongue and forces a little smile,

Because you keep missing the marvelous sunsets 

And only manage to catch the rays through your rear view mirror. 

Why must we always be present

When enlightenment is not my fancy,

And I want to live a life filled occasionally with errors, pain, hurt, loss, tears and heartache,

So that I don’t have to pick scabs to feel alive and I can occasionally look back and let my phantoms be fantastic like the suns sinking adieu at its brightest when I look through the looking glass. 

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