Today was my Momma’s Birthday.

We are nothing alike except I resemble her occasionally.

Beautiful,Strong, Proud, and Intuitive.

A lady who laughs like a child and has a naievete about

Always following the path of good,

Though her humor can be on the dark side,

And I forget what it is like being a child sometime and adoring a mother,

Until I take a moment to stare at her and really look at her as I used to,

Beautifull Umma!

The Sun Always Sets in the Past


The Sun Always Sets in the Past

Don’t look back,

Don’t you ever look back!

It’s dangerous they say,

It makes you wonder

Why you floundered 

It makes you fonder 

Of the things that were blunders. 

It means you found her,

And then maybe lost her?

Ah shit! You looked,

And it sparkled. 

The rays of the past shooting right out of your head 

Right before your eyes. 

As if crossing dimensions

To lure you into the memory,

But it’s not real they say,

See how you can only see it in a rear view mirror?

No sun sets in the future,

You can only see them shine behind you. 

Then again,

What’s the harm in repainting yesterday 

Into a thing of warm bright yellow orange lights that melts right over your tongue and forces a little smile,

Because you keep missing the marvelous sunsets 

And only manage to catch the rays through your rear view mirror. 

Why must we always be present

When enlightenment is not my fancy,

And I want to live a life filled occasionally with errors, pain, hurt, loss, tears and heartache,

So that I don’t have to pick scabs to feel alive and I can occasionally look back and let my phantoms be fantastic like the suns sinking adieu at its brightest when I look through the looking glass. 



We are open 

And truthful,

Sometimes even in dishonesty 

Which bring out the clearest shades 

Otherwise we’d all be saints 

Standing rigid and stiff

Pristine from plaster

And unmoving 

Like plastic. 

But we are organic

And flowing,

And capricious,

And mutable. 

As you take steps away from the objects in sight,

It becomes clearly in pattern,

Like the stars which we’ve been walking away from for centuries,

But we can still see them bright in the night as if there is no obstruction,

And when we look around,

Every other star becomes clear and in order. 

Chaos is closest to the heart,

Which is the black hole,

The wrinkle in time,

The time traveler. 

The thing that sucks you up and brings you back

Like Big Bang. 

The Cheese Stands Alone


Everyone’s asleep and I am sifting through today’s photos because I’m missing them all.

Then I come across this face and I think,

“Nom, nom, nom,”

I wanna eat those cheeks and drink his eyes squeeze his face because I die every time I look at him and come back to life every time he smiles back at me. 

But better make better 

Use of this time,

Either draw, write, read, come up with new dance move or succumb to sleep like the rest,

Is it true one day lasts forever if I keep my eyes open?

Or is that why i blaspheme 

And wonder if a Neanderthal is God, whom we have destroyed? 

And one day we will be God being destroyed by our creation. 

And then hover over the waters as in Genesis 1.2.