(A true story)

Motherhood to toddlers, it’s true,

What they say,

See I had to go number two,

And left him for a few 

And came back to find not one or two, 

But a whole plate of noodles must have flew 

Splattered as if a giant went achooooo

And because I wanted to poo,

Without you,

My little dude. 
Dedicated to clary. 



We screamed, yelled

Moaned and groaned 

Slapped skin,

Plucked and pounded 

Shook until the whole house and everyone in it throbbed,


And healed. 



Hand resting gently on his bare thigh,


arm sinking heavily over her body,


Except for the improvised heartbeat 

Ferverishly bouncing until the two weave back and forth 

In silent night.