Crystal Visions

Crystal Visions

 When I find myself looking back,

I wonder…

Is something 

New, exciting, crazy, blue

Filled with my true hue


Adieu adieu adieu 

In lieu of my gurus

Who keep telling me looking back when moving forward is like 

Staring at your face in front of a mirror

While your eyes have peeled the fog with magic shrooms,

And he mistakes you for Persephone 

Trying to pull me back in and

That brings me back to a familiar place but I think,”who is she?

Is she a seer who saw that four seeds later would bring me back to this before her wings break skin and she flies with iridescent skin and three kin?”

All within an infinite second before moving past the past with a shot blast to the rest of the painting of his majesty. 


I’ve seen myself float across the universe,

And I know I was not afraid,

It’s the walking on this earth,

That will sometimes make me palpitate!