Crescent Moon

Before coming into full realization

Into the full feminine power,

Into the full masculine strength,

Into the season of autumn,

We delight in the sprites of spring,

Who are like the silvery smile in the night sky that little fingers draw from crayons boxes. 

And we show them how to sustain. 

We plant seeds,

And we tend the garden,

And we grow and pluck the fruit and harvest and cycle day after day, year after year,

Until we are face to face with the familiar faces of our childhood,

Except the silvery moon has touched our head with silvery strands and each full moon comes sooner. 

Still every time I look to the night sky to greet the crescent moon smiling down like the Cheshire Cat,

I feel like that same soft warm spring nestled in my arms drifting off too sleep. 

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