I am poetry

I want poetry to exist like I want flowers to be. 

I love poetry,

I love when it’s in my head, on paper, in front of me, through me, with me. , in me. 

I don’t care if I don’t make a penny, or no one reads it, or even if the whole world reads it,

If it’s got, un-got, made sense of, interpreted, ignored, loved and cherished, or burnt to cinders. 

I love it when it’s recited, internalized, put to melody or some ill beat. 

I am poetry and just need to keep producing otherwise I will seize to be. 

So whether it’s genius, trite or crap, I will keep flowing until my thumbs go numb and my tongue goes dry and my wrist are arthritic and eyes go blind, 

Because it makes me vibrate

Like a song 

And I want to share and spread it so I can fly! 


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