Our love is like that skinny bitch that everyone’s staring at with wish or contempt.
That one that’s sinking her teeth into that juicy thousand calorie double double in a teeny weeny itty bitty bikini while whispers of purge scatter like pin drops around her, though the truth is she was just born that way.
Because see our love was just born that way, and I hear that love has its struggles and is hard work and it’s ups and downs and pain and tears makes the solidity of a union and so
On and so forth, which is all probably true and beautiful too…
But our love is that skinny bitch who was just born that way because of genetics.
We have the kind of love that epics are written for, but instead of tragedy the grandeur of the union flows so perfectly that it’s a story worth telling and carry on as legend with a single pen name to accompany it
and I will not apologize and assume that it is flawed in its simplicity
Because We have worked hard and cried enough painful tears up until being with you that will last up until our children’s children’s lives.
We have worked through ups and downs and gave and forgave enough times to reconcile it once and for all, though it may not have been with each other.

I am not perfect.
You are not perfect,
But our union feels perfect and it was just born that way so that we can indulge in each other.
Our lives weaved to and for throughout our lives until it finally made sense to converge and be one and that is perfect and I take it with gratitude and give to you in gratitude and still feel the wet tears each day slowly trickle off my chin and hit my breast, but because of the happiness I feel to finally have peace from the pain I had felt before you.

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