I keep seeing you in my dreams.
The other night I had a dream we went hiking and we ended up at a party with the intelligently hip.
Yukimi from Little Dragon was there and she says,”I’ll sing three songs. Which songs do you love?”
In which I reply, “I love Nabuma Rubber band, Killing Me, and Feather… Well actually I can’t narrow it down. Sing what you’d like.”
And in her cool sultry voice she says,”Download a mic app on that iPad of yours and I’ll sing you a song.”
But I was feeling confused and lost so this tech kid starts tapping away at the pad without turning away from some other thing he’s working on and hands it to Yukimi without looking up. Yukimi starts to sing into it and I say,”Yes. This is it, But I’ve never heard this before.” And I pick up a cd on the coffee table in which the title reads, “Nas Calls Little D Sistar” just like so.
And you ask, “Why aren’t we smoking a fatty right now?”
And I reply straight into your eyes, “I’ll roll you a fat blunt when we get home.” And I wake up before she could sing song number two.
I’m in bed smiling because I got to see you again and the dream was so vivid. I realize you might not even know who Little Dragon are because it’s been that long since you left me here on Earth to that Paradise up above, but it was great seeing you this week.
I’m missing you like crazy!
Hope all is still rip on the other side. And when we meet again, I’ll bring the fatty Sistar!



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