I’ve come a long way since that girl who was asked to play games behind the red brick wall,
And a long, long way since I was curled at the bottom of a car floor sopping wet with tears and stained.
I’ve come so far I almost forgot through all the ‘ain’t life a blessing’ smile I walk around with
That there once was a girl who didn’t know she even had a sad past because it was regular.
But here and now on the rare occasion, I remember a different kind of girl who saw the darker side of things,
Though it’s not bad at all when I’m looking from the brighter side of things,
The kind from the upper east side
Eating that slice of pie I used to sing about for days on lazy mornings watching the others living like life was made from the lighter kind of things,
Ending every half hour with hearty laughs and still thinking that it wasn’t so bad,
Those years when I can only think of now as the darker kind of mad world that everyone was living in
Because it was regular.
But it’s not so regular and I’m not too sure anymore if that was real,
That story of the little girl who still smiled and laughed like any other girl despite it,
Except I still feel like smiling and
I’m living that blessed kind of thing through and through.


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