Proof Love is Tangible


Love deftly weaves in and around the senses and maybe that’s why we think it’s just an emotion,
But didn’t you feel it too, as I walked closer to you?
Not just in the heart, but every toe, foot, and stomp sent the snake up my back and it flew out of my head.
Did you see the ripple when you heard the words ‘I do’ expand until some blessings sprinkled the earth from eyes to soil,
Composting earth with organic love, love ooooh that love?
Did you hear it in laughter like the song of God! Oh yes I saw God too!
Touching every lip to turn and eye to twinkle and breathing out aroma so sweet that I’m still feeling high,
I see it in you, feel it, hear it, smell it, taste it as if its been spoon fed to me from homemade jam jars from the love of mamas hands.
Do you believe me when I say love is tangible?
Because the clever universe had me believing all this time it was something else, something good, but not this real thing, yes thing I can grasp.
And a-ha!
That’s why it grows,
And evolves,
And lives on,
And on,
And on….