I’ve had time to stare into infinity,
Into that timeless sky and
I’ve been breathless, speechless, heartbeat-less at the grandeur of the view of heaven.
And sometimes I get a little scared because the beauty of everything I see frightens me.
I let my thoughts fly like wisps of ethers through the air and for an instant I wonder about the pain of losing all of it.
Will it one day disappear or am I blessed enough to just vaporize into mist and become a part of the atmosphere,
Oh and then I remind myself that I’m supposed to feel a part of it already and I should shout to the world that “I am blessed!”
And the vibrations ripple outwards,
“I am blessed!” I shout louder so that the ripple echoes
“I am blessed!” I must let you know because how else will I hear myself think it through the thick of the panic that “I am blessed!” But a little cursed for feeling so blessed that it’s hard for me to accept my mortality sometimes and I don’t care because I am so in love that I don’t want to lose any of it and I want immortality.
At least for the moment because when I drift back down to sanity I will be at peace with the immortal spirit and will vibrate again and again ,”I am blessed…” Until one day I float upwards towards the heavens and my blessed spirit rains back down to earth.

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