I am realizing complete freedom in this very moment. Sitting outside enjoying all that is buzzing and whistling to the bustle of what is right now, a momentary thought that I don’t know what to do with baby sleeping, little man at school, and Hubbish (term coined by the enchanting Erika, my friend and teacher) off to the brick and mortar interjects my morning’s monologue.
A momentary unsettling,
A hiccup, pauses me and then I sweep clean my daydream.
I have pure time to do anything I choose, without remorse nor regret, but with santosha.
I walk towards the house, and when I stare again back towards the backyard,
Our living space that we are slowly growing with love and honesty looks even more alive with vibrant colors dancing and skimming the red brick wall like they’re surfing on water, and fluttering in slow motion that perplexes even Time.
The sounds of life teeming with pomp and circumstance across the expanse of the universe, and bouncing off invisible walls that crest the space with surround sound.
I can ask any question and get the answer!
And I don’t even need to ask anything because I am lithe with all the answers I already know.
I’ve been meditating for close to 10 months, and that’s about how long it took me to realize that I have been meditating and finally accomplished awareness.
Life is beautiful!



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