I breathe in deep,
Suck it in ’til I feel my insides
Slow, steady, smooth,
Like the Breath of Earth,
Touching the core of my being,
And I breathe out with a soft swift whistle
As the vibrations subtly bring the lips to tremor.
The vapors spiral dizzy from crimson stained lips toward the pull at twilight.
Laughing legs gliding across the earth like hovering soles,
Listen to the swish against the evergreen blades through fields rippling like water.
Listen still closer to the heart breathe
The head turning upwards to the heavens.
My breath becoming lighter than the breeze,
Each exhale lifting the body.
Inhale, and my feet touching down continuously to a bounce
Until my gait turns to sweep.
My hearth thumps with bump
Like beats made for words.
The ethereal wrapping It’s arms around me tightly like hungry limbs
Until I release all of me and float like fireflys.

And some tried to fix me a few times,
But this ether heart keeps my beat
So I press my palms to heart,
Press it to keep me warm,
So I can feel the stir of twilight
Beckon me.


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