I write about love most of the time
Coz it’s in my blood to be pulled towards sublime,
I heard it in my Mama’s voice,
Though she is shy
And hesitant with a prudish tie
To ancient honor and codes of her time,
Her eyes can’t lie for the longing that shines for the pining of lights burning bright,
Two entwined.
I feel it deeper than the core of my heart,
The line of my spine,
The root shaped veins from my feet
To the wild curly mane twisting up to the sky,
Which I also got from my Mama,
Though the words that I speak I stole from Appa
As well as the ease of passion to succumb.
The urge to elevate my mind
With the voices from my drum
And the tug of my flesh.
My immortality sought
Through the vibrations
Of love,
With love,
From love
Is to love
And be Love
Until my essence pulsates from the core of thine eye.


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